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A Deeper Look at Fibromyalgia in Delray Beach, FL

Fibromyalgia can really impact a person’s life, keeping him or her from enjoying time spent with family and friends. Fibromyalgia is known for Extreme exhaustion, Widespread musculoskeletal pain, Mood issues, Memory problems, Inability to have a proper sleep schedule, Headaches, Problems with bowel and bladder, Depression and anxiety.

Often fibromyalgia begins all of a sudden with no prior warning.

It can be triggered by such things as:

Illness or infection
Trauma or injury
Extreme psychological stress

Research seems to indicate that the main cause of fibromyalgia is a pain processing issue. This means that people that have this condition feel extreme pain when there is actually little or no pain. The problem lies with the way that the brain receives pain signals. These signals are altered or even amplified when they reach the brain. Oddly enough, this can have something to do with a small misalignment in the top two bones of the neck.

Success in Relieving the Pain of Fibromyalgia

The C1 and C2 vertebrae lie in the area of the neck where the brainstem meets the spinal cord. Their job is to protect the brainstem from damage. However, if these bones move out of alignment due to some kind of trauma (a car accident or another head or neck injury), they can actually hinder the brainstem and, in turn, the central nervous system from doing their job properly.

What is the job of the brainstem? It relays signals to the brain and body about pain and other issues that are vital in order for the body to work properly. Therefore, a neck misalignment can cause a lot of health problems in a person, including fibromyalgia.

Once I discover where a patient’s misalignment is located, I use a gentle method to help these bones move back into position. A low force correction to a specific location is sometimes all that is needed to encourage the bones to realign. Realignment can result in significant improvement of fibromyalgia symptoms.