Finding Relief from Migraines in Delray Beach FL

Migraines in Delray Beach FL

Those who suffer from migraines undoubtedly suffer from a great deal of pain, but the pain they suffer from isn’t doesn’t necessarily happen in their head. Yes, the most common symptom of a migraine is a headache, but it is not the only symptom. That’s because migraines are a neurological disorder and not a type of headache.

Though, since there are still many questions within the medical community as to what exactly a migraine is and what causes them, many doctors continue to go to the easy default of prescribing medication to people who suffer from migraines. They will often prescribe the same type of medication that’s also used for people who suffer from depression or seizures. That’s because migraines, depression, and seizures often have many of the same symptoms.

Migraine Trials and Errors

Though, unfortunately giving a person medication for migraines is often just a matter of trial and error, as each time a person is given drugs for their migraines they are at risk of suffering from side effects. Those who suffer from migraines can take matters into their own hands by doing such things as keeping a food journal and listing the foods and beverages in their diets. Migraine sufferers may also experience this neurological disorder because of physical stress because of certain activities, as well as any type of activity that causes emotional or physical stress. Though, some experience migraines because of environmental triggers, such as extreme temperatures or loud noises.

Of course, all of those means that sometimes keeping a food journal or a journal of one’s activities may not be enough to offer them relief. They may have to alter their lifestyle and avoid those activities or situations that cause this neurological disorder. It will mean reducing the number of attacks, but the payoff is definitely worth it.

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Realigning the Spine

Though, there is something a person can do that will possibly help them find permanent relief from the pain of migraines without them having to change their diets or lifestyles. They can make a simple phone call to an upper cervical chiropractor, who can examine their upper cervical spine for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of their migraine pain.

Upon an examination of their upper cervical spine, which are the top two vertebrae in a person’s neck, if they find any misalignments, they will realign those top two bones in the neck. A misalignment of only ¼ of a millimeter can place enough pressure on the brainstem to hinder the brain’s ability to communicate with the brain, but realigning those two vertebrae restores that communication process and allows the body to begin to heal itself.

Elan Schrier Dr. Elan Schrier is the clinic director of Schrier Family Chiropractic. He focuses in upper cervical chiropractic and continuously is training to improve the quality of his patients' lives. He has a lot of success with difficult vertigo, migraine, and fibromyalgia patients.

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