How Can Symptoms Of Neck Pain Be Treated By Chiropractors?


Neck pain is the second most common pain in our population. It is also known as the most commonly treated pain by the chiropractors. Chiropractors are health care providers which help correct the cause of the neck pain with their skills. 



The neck is comprised of the cervical spine which consists of 7 vertebrae that begin from the base of the skull till the thoracic spine. The cervical curve of the spine is very critical and manages the overall spinal health. Any type of disorder or misalignment in this region can lead to pain, migraines, headaches, stiffness and many other problems. The neck is supported by different ligaments and muscles. The neck pain occurs when these surrounding structures become inflamed or irritated. Neck pain ranges between minor, moderate, severe or excruciating. 


These include the following: 


Limited range of motion 

Stabbing or sharp pain 

Tenderness or soreness 

Radiating pain which radiates towards the shoulders, fingers, arms, neck, and head 



Neck pain is mostly experienced by most of the adult individuals. It usually occurs due to the following causes:  

Abnormal sleep postures 

Poor standing or sitting postures 

Sport injuries 



Old age leading to degenerative disorders 

Spinal stenosis-compression of nerves leading to numbness 

Degenerative disc disorders that result in tingling or numbness 

Rare causes include tumors, infections, growth abnormalities, and cancer 


The chiropractic adjustments performed by the chiropractors in Delray Beach is highly effective. It manages the neck pain in the most efficient way and helps in relieving the discomfort, swelling and other symptoms linked with the neck pain. Routine visits to the chiropractor help in relieving the neck pain in a safe, non-addictive and non-invasive pattern rather than the medications which can result in severe adverse effects. Most people consume over the counter medicines and prescription pills for managing the neck pain and swelling but to avoid those adverse effects, it is recommended to visit the chiropractors at Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and Delray Beach. 

A gentle chiropractic adjustment is performed which reduces the misalignments of the spine as well as the joint restrictions within the spine. It also helps in relieving the inflammation and swelling linked with spinal and other joints of the body. The chiropractic treatment effectively improves the functioning of the nervous system and joints. The improved functioning of the spine and nervous system helps in treating the discomfort linked with the neck pain. 



It reduces the inflammation 

It improves the range of motion of the neck 

It improves the flexibility 

It improves the lifestyle with increased routinely activities 

It helps in reduction of discomfort and pain 


To identify whether you are suitable for the chiropractic treatment or not, the chiropractors perform an initial consultation, then examination and prescribes the diagnostic tests. The diagnostic tests for neck pain may include MRI, CT or X-rays. The chiropractors develop the program for treating the patient according to the pain severity. It includes neck adjustments, mobilization, rehabilitative exercises, massage, and others. 


At Schrier Family Chiropractic Dr. Elan specializes in helping patients with neck and head pain. The NUCCA procedure he is trained in, is a gentle effective adjustment that corrects the underlying cause of neck pain. Schedule a free consultation by calling the office at 561-316-3480, or book online at 



Elan Schrier Dr. Elan Schrier is the clinic director of Schrier Family Chiropractic. He focuses in upper cervical chiropractic and continuously is training to improve the quality of his patients' lives. He has a lot of success with difficult vertigo, migraine, and fibromyalgia patients.

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