How Sciatica Can Be Managed with Chiropractic Care

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How Sciatica Can Be Managed with Chiropractic Care

Sciatica: What Is It?

Succinctly, sciatica can be described as nerve pain stemming from an irritation of your body’s sciatic nerve (which is situated along the lower back area; it runs down to the back areas of both legs). You will know if you have sciatica if you start experiencing radiating pain from the lower back, which eventually makes its way toward the back area of your legs. Other symptoms include weakness and tingling in the feet or legs, numbness, and tingling. Sciatic nerve pain happens to be something almost 40% of people experience at some point in their lives.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help with Sciatic Pain

Chiropractic treatment can be used to relieve and manage the pain that comes with sciatica. Routine chiropractic treatment offers patients an alternative to OTC (over-the-counter) or prescription pain medications. It is a solution that is non-addictive, non-invasive, and safe.

Chiropractors provide a mild therapy called “chiropractic adjustment.” These non-addictive and non-invasive therapeutical adjustments minimize joint misalignments or restrictions within the spine, as well as other joints inside of the body. Their purpose is to minimize inflammation, as well as enhance functionality of the nervous system and affected joint. When joint mobility is increased, the functionality of the body’s nervous system will be improved, as will your spinal health. Subsequently, the body will be able to manage symptoms brought upon by sciatica better.

Here are several health benefits that come with chiropractic adjustments:

To determine if chiropractic treatment will be suitable for your specific condition, we will have you undergo an examination after your initial consultation. If necessary, an x-ray or another type of diagnostic imaging source may be used. As per the examination and consultation’s findings, the chiropractor might opt to treat the sciatic pain with another healthcare professional, such as your primary care physician, massage therapist, or physical therapist.

To locate a chiropractor in your area, or to find out more information about chiropractic treatments for sciatic pain, get in touch with one of our licensed chiropractic doctors today.

Elan Schrier Dr. Elan Schrier is the clinic director of Schrier Family Chiropractic. He focuses in upper cervical chiropractic and continuously is training to improve the quality of his patients' lives. He has a lot of success with difficult vertigo, migraine, and fibromyalgia patients.

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