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Can A Chiropractor In Delray Beach Turn Your Breech Baby With An Adjustment?

Pregnant women deal with dramatic changes during the pregnancy which involves the structural as well as hormonal changes. The chiropractors at Delray Beach can help you out throughout your journey of pregnancy making you feel comfortable and enjoyable. It allows you to stay calm and easier during the labor. During pregnancy, a woman experiences changes which include weight gain, body aches, posture changes, digestive disorders, sleeping issues and birth problems like the position of the baby, onset and birth progression.


Yes! There is a chiropractic technique called the Webster Technique specifically for helping turn breech babies into a head down position, that is gentle and effective. A chiropractor can definitely help you out with the noninvasive therapies which stabilize the pelvis and spine leading to the normal physiological functioning of the body. Chiropractic treatment makes the journey of pregnancy safe with improved quality of life and birth outcomes.


Chiropractic therapy i.e. the spinal along with the pelvic adjustments help in reducing the pregnancy discomforts which include back pain, neck pain, hip pain, heartburn or sciatica. The chiropractors also help with the fetal positioning by adjusting the pelvis in a symmetric position. The pelvic adjustments allow the uterus to be symmetrical. It also stimulates the baby to fit exactly with the brim and lead to cervical ripening. The pelvic adjustments allow the pelvis to become relaxed and help in easy labor.

When the pelvis is misaligned it leads to an imbalance of the muscles and ligaments linked with the pelvis. These imbalances result in the breech position of the body, once these adjustments are made and the pelvis is aligned the baby has an optimal position.

The chiropractic therapy known as Webster’s technique is a type of sacral adjustment which facilitates the alignment of the pelvis and stimulates the proper nerve functioning. The Webster’s technique is helpful for positioning the fetus in the correct head down position. It is basically used for breech baby adjustments along with the posterior presentations. Different researchers conclude that Webster’s technique is beneficial for preventing dystocia during the pregnancy.

Chiropractors restore the normal functioning of the body with spinal adjustments. These modalities performed by chiropractors do not interfere with the neurological or structural functions of the body and heals it naturally.

Benefits of Chiropractic For Pregnant Women:

It offers more comfort
Better sleep
Relieves nausea
Reduces pain
Offers better positioning of the fetus
Helps breech babies turn head down
Improves the stretching power of the pelvis
Offers fast and natural recovery
Eases the birth
Reduces the back pain

Secondary conditions that can be treated by a chiropractor. These conditions include the following:

Back pain
Tailbone pain
A headache
Breech baby
Labor dystocia

Chiropractic therapy when performed during, before or after pregnancy helps in treating pains, contractions, the timing of the delivery and less traumatic birth process. It has been proven that chiropractors practice Webster’s technique which helps in resolving the breech baby positioning during pregnancy.

At Schrier Family Chiropractic in Delray Beach, Dr. Elan Schrier has done training to be able to do adjjustments for breech babies. He has sucessfully helped pregnant women with breech babies avoid getting painful, invasive eversion treatments to try to turn a breach baby, and helped women avoid c-section. Call for a conultation today at 561-445-2648 or book online at www.drelan.com