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Common Causes of Low Back Pain in Delray Beach, FL

There isn’t anyone immune to a bout with low back pain at some point in their life. The vast majority of low back pain happens on the job, and sitting too long, standing, or repetitive movements can all be contributing factors.

Many low back pain cases come from a handful of common causes, including:

Sprain or strain – caused by overstretching or tearing muscles, ligaments, or tendons
Disc degeneration
Sciatica – along with low back pain, can cause pain down the back of the leg
Herniated disc
Traumatic injury
Spinal stenosis

Some low back pain episodes will simply go away on their own, but some are stubborn and will linger for weeks, even months. When this happens, people often turn to various medications and therapies to get them through the pain. Sometimes more invasive measures are even taken, such as cortisone injections.

Fixing Low Back Pain at Its Cause

For people who have been coping with low back pain that doesn’t seem to want to relent, it could be due to the fact that the underlying cause hasn’t been addressed. While it may seem strange to hear at first, the cause of many low back pain cases may not have their origin in the low back at all but at the other end of the spine at the top of the neck. When the uppermost vertebra in the neck (the atlas) misaligns, it creates abnormal tension on the spinal cord. This leads to postural imbalances, muscle spasms, and unequal tension on one side of the body, which can easily be felt in the low back.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why therapies that address only the low back might not yield lasting results. At Schrier Family Chiropractic, our focus is on locating the root of low back pain, and that sometimes means looking elsewhere for the cause. We utilize the NUCCA technique, which is a very gentle and precise way of correcting atlas misalignments. Once normal alignment is restored, the body is able to recover from the imbalances, which can lead to the resolution of your low back pain.