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Finding Relief for Vertigo and Other Symptoms of Meniere’

Endolymphatic hydrops, more commonly known as Meniere’s disease can be difficult to live with and manage. Finding lasting relief may seem like an impossibility. There are three main symptoms associated with the condition; Severe vertigo and sometimes nausea, Hearing loss and Tinnitus.

The attacks can last for hours. Sufferers can find it difficult to meet others who can relate to the difficulties brought on by the disease. There are a few things that can help minimize the effects, however. A simple way to help is to reduce the amount of caffeine and salt that is consumed daily. Physicians will usually prescribe medications to regulate fluid in the ear and suppress signals to the brain coming from the inner ear.

Surgery is another option that may be considered, especially when medication fails to control symptoms. There is another option worth attention, it addresses what could be the root cause of the condition, and is non-invasive.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo download our complimentary e-book How to Naturally Relieve Vertigo without Drugs by clicking the image below.

A Link Between Vertigo and the Spine

One important function of the spine is the protection of the spinal cord. This allows for free flow of important communication to and from the brain. Misalignment of the uppermost vertebrae can create enough pressure on the spinal cord to cause a host of issues, including symptoms like vertigo.

Upper cervical chiropractic techniques can determine whether or not these upper cervical vertebrae are in need of readjustment. Precise measurements are taken and then gentle realigning can be performed. Such adjustments can go a long way in relieving pressure and also allow for regular function to return.

One case study reported a gentleman, 52-years-old, with Meniere’s disease having his upper cervical vertebrae realigned. His symptoms were greatly reduced over the course of four corrections in five weeks.

We welcome you to come and see if your symptoms can be relieved through a realignment. Natural and lasting relief from Meniere’s symptoms may not be merely wishful thinking.