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How Keeping a Migraine Diary May Help Your Headaches

Migraines are a horrible and debilitating condition for those that suffer with them. Much effort is spent on trying to find a cause for their recurrences. Migraines can spring from various triggers. These can include environmental factors, such as a changes in weather, certain types of food and even beverages.

How can a person determine which, if any, are the cause of their migraines? How can you learn to manage your migraines? One way is to keep a migraine diary. Many people wonder what to keep track of. Here are some suggestions:

The severity of the pain
How long the pain lasts
Type of pain (throbbing, stabbing, etc..)
Location of pain
What you ate that day and when
Medications taken
Vitamins or supplements taken
Exercise done before onset
Any other symptoms (nausea, blurred vision, etc..)

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By keeping a diary of these and analyzing them, a pattern can develop as to the specific triggers for your migraines. While some triggers may be discovered, there remains the question of the underlying cause of migraines in general. Why does chocolate trigger a migraine in you and weather changes cause the same problem for a friend?

You may be amazed to find the answer lies in the small area at the base of your skull. The bones are called the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae. The brainstem is protected by these two bones. The brainstem is vital to how the body functions via the central nervous system. Therefore, if either of these bones is misaligned, there is unnecessary pressure put upon the brainstem. This is a neurologically rich area that can be obstructed from relaying proper information from the brain to the body.

Dr. Elan Schrier of Delray Beach, Florida uses a highly specialized technique that addresses the misalignments, or subluxations, that occur in the upper cervical area. The C1 and C2 are analyzed and then gently corrected back into their original positions. This allows for healing to begin to take place in the damaged areas of the body. Proper function is restored to the nerves being interfered with. With as little as one or two corrections, according to research, migraine sufferers begin to gain much awaited, hoped for, and natural relief.