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Is Dizziness Something That Chiropractic Care Can Help With?

Do you experience feelings of dizziness? Your vertigo may be helped through chiropractic care! Everybody gets dizzy from time to time, whether they stand up faster than advised, or stare at optical illusions for excessive periods. An unsteady feeling can be problematic. However, such feelings are nothing in comparison to the ones associated with vertigo.

Vertigo can be characterized by feelings of dizziness, spinning sensations, and other undesired consequences of movement. Worse, it can happen even if you’re standing still. The condition is quite debilitating, as it may cause feelings of sickness. This can make it challenging to walk. Interruption of your hearing and vision can ensue.

There are several ways that vertigo can be ignited, and a majority of them deal with how your brain and inner ear communicate with one another. As a result of this neurological connection, a chiropractor could potentially cure dizziness sensations you experience. A chiropractor will implement techniques necessary to help you overcome vertigo. They will do so by concentrating on your spine, as well as the relationship it has with the rest of your body.

Dizziness Symptoms and Causes

It’s not very hard to determine if you suffer from vertigo. All you need to do is look at several telltale signs: a spinning feeling matched by dizziness.

Other symptoms may be caused by vertigo, including:

Lack of balance.

For patients that have experienced head or neck trauma, vertigo will be a symptom that is quite common for them. For the most part, it comes about because of disturbances in nerve pathways that exit their spinal columns.

Vertigo might be stimulated by disruption or damages to the vestibular system (a.k.a. the inner ear). Particle movement, ear infections, and pressure changes inside your inner ear may influence the amount of dizziness you experience.

Taking on Dizziness from a Chiropractic Standpoint

Chiropractic care might have the ability to cure the symptoms you experience. This will be done by way of different manipulations and exercises.

Chiropractic manipulations or adjustments might alleviate a certain kind of vertigo known as cervical vertigo. It comes about by joints that move improperly within your cervical spine after sustaining some kind of neck injury. This could result in wrong information about body positions and movements transmitted to your brain. Such misinformation might stimulate a sense of dizziness. Manipulations can realign the vertebrae and joints in your cervical spine. Nervous pathways will be corrected, making way for communications that are much clearer.

A vertigo condition that is more common is known as BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). It comes about from crystal movements inside your inner ear. Those crystals come from otolith organs, which make you vulnerable to gravity. They’re capable of shifting from the organ before moving into another part of your vestibular labyrinth. This can alter your balance and instill a sense of dizziness, albeit for a short period.

To rectify BPPV, a chiropractor might utilize the Epley maneuver. This will manipulate your head and allow it to move into various positions, which repositions crystals within your inner ear.

The chiropractor might show you how to perform certain exercises from the comfort of your own home. They can help your vestibular system – particularly the way it engages with the brain.

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