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Jaw Pain and Chiropractic Care In Delray Beach

Discomfort and pain in the jaw area is the cause of stress and discomfort for 25% of Americans. Jaw related health conditions might occur because of chronic headaches, frequent clenching of the jaw, and grinding teeth during sleep. History of trauma to this area possibly from an auto accident or fall may be contributing to pain in your jaw. You may have a whiplash issue where your head hyperextended in a car accident.

It may be termed as a hidden culprit because, in this situation, most of the individuals who have the abovementioned symptoms do not feel it necessary to consult a chiropractor and get treatment. People usually take it easy and bear the pain and suffering.

It is a fact that most people have the awareness that chiropractic care may adjust your spine. But don’t know that Chiropractic professional may change and help other parts of the body such as jaws. You should be sure that chiropractic treatment covers your jaw-related problems too. It is a fact that your jaw has essential functions to perform; it moves like a functional joint, and due to its movement may become misaligned. It may lead you to pain that needs an adjustment, and a chiropractor may fix it to eliminate the pain and sickness you feel. Here is how a Chiropractor may help you if you are suffering from this problem.

What is Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ?

The jaw pain we experience is called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. It is a complex sliding joint that combines the jawbone to your skull. It is one of the bones in your body that has to perform three types of movement. It may open up and down. It may go forward and back. It may move side to side. If there is TMJ dysfunction, it may be due to the misalignment of your jaw, neck, or other structure that supports it. Chiropractors can help your jaw dysfunction with adjustments.

Your jaw

Jaws are complex, and are intersections of muscles, tissues, and bones. They are essential and vital due to their functions. There is a joint on each side of a jaw that is called the temporal-mandibular joint. A disc cushions the joint in your spine.

If you suffer from any of these certain situations, it may be due to joint or disc dysfunction:

You are under stress and anxiety

You are in the habit of teeth grinding

You have undergone trauma.

You have weak posture of the head.

You have undergone a lengthy dental work.

The disc tissue may be trapped in front or behind the hinge of the jaw. It may cause you a feeling of catching, or you may hear a clicking sound when you open o close your mouth.

Jaw adjustment

The Temporomandibular joint is what a chiropractor may treat it. If you want a diagnosis for tms, you must have at least three of the following symptoms. The symptoms may include some of the following:

You feel pain in your jaw.

There is grinding sound in the jaw at night.

You grind teeth at night.

You can’t open mount normally.

You are feeling neck pain.

You are suffering from a long-lasting headache.

You hear ringing sound in your ear.

Your jaw veers to a side when you are trying to open it.

You are suffering from chronic neck misalignment.

Jaw muscles are week.

There is a problem with eye movement.

The Treatment

The treatment depends on your specific condition and the direction in which the disc is slipped. A chiropractor may perform an adjustment and align the joint to restore the jaw to standard functionality. The chiropractor may suggest the following treatment(s) for this purpose:

A massaging session to align the joint and jaw bone

If you are grinding the teeth at night, the chiropractor may suggest wearing a guard in your mouth when you go to sleep.

You may be treated for the neck adjustment.

You may be asked to use heat and cold therapy for relief of pain and inflammation.

The real goal of these techniques is to realign your jaw, and reduce your tension and stress you are feeling. The treatment also releases and reflexes muscles around your jaw.

Dr. Elan Schrier has been treating jaw and TMJ problems for many years. Please call his office to set up a consult as soon as possible. Emily and Luciana will be glad to assist you. Call the office in Delray Beach at: 561 866-0766. Or, you can email us at: info@drelan.com. Helping you feel better today is our goal!!