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The Problem of Migraines Among Athletes

Trent Richardson is the running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He is also a migraine sufferer. Many other athletes, professional and non-professional, suffer from migraines. Some must continue on whether or not they have had a migraine episode. This can be very difficult.

Some other professional athletes (past and present) who get migraines are:

Serena Williams
Troy Aikman
Dwayne Wade
Terrell Davis
Percy Harvin

This is only a small compilation of those who get migraines. Richardson says that he has been taking medication for migraines his entire life. He relates that migraines are tough, one of the worst things a person can have. And, he realizes how important it is to treat them at the right time or they may not go away quickly.

One of the reasons migraines may afflict athletes could be due to the number of times they acquire head and neck injuries because of the physical nature of sports. One possible cause of headaches is called an effort migraine. What is this?

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Effort or Exertion Migraines

This migraine condition was seen in 9% out of 128 participants in a study. They often begin in children or teens.

These migraines are generally accompanied by:

Nausea and vomiting
An aura
Neck pain
Moderate to severe throbbing head pain that lasts about 4 hours

Prolonged exertion may be a trigger for these kinds of migraines. However, it can take hours for the headache to go away, even when resting. Other factors that play into this condition can be mouth guards that are not fitted properly, goggles, or tight helmets.

Upper Cervical Care and Migraines

Athletes and other may be able to find relief for their migraines by seeking out the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. It has been seen that if the neck is out of alignment by only ¼ of a millimeter, migraines can be the end result. This is because the brain and body can no longer communicate effectively. By finding and correcting the misalignment, many patients have reported a reduction or even a complete resolution of migraines.