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Vertigo In Childhood

Children suffer from lightheadedness and dizziness. Vertigo is not common condition among children. . Most of these children experience balance loss or dizziness. Vertigo among children is more common in girls. So, before we go further what is vertigo? It is a condition where the person feels the spinning effect and he or she feels that everything is moving around you.


The common causes of dizziness among children are the following:

Ear infections

Neurological issues


Head and neck injuries

Malformation of the ears

Misalignment of the spine which results in disrupted communications between the brain and the body


The common disorder which might be associated with vertigo includes:

Acoustic neuroma is a non-cancerous tumor which affects the vestibular nerve leading to hearing loss as well as tinnitus. This neuroma ranges from inner ear towards the brain.

Meniere’s disease is a condition in which extra fluid accumulates within the inner ear leading to hearing loss, tinnitus or fullness within the ear.

Vestibular migraine results in a headache and dizziness. This condition also results in sound and light sensitivity, vomiting and nausea.

Acute vestibular neuritis in which the person’s ear gets inflamed leading to vertigo, nausea, hearing loss and balance issues.


The commonly used treatment modalities include the use of prescription medicines, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. The spine protects the spinal cord which offers signals to the brain and then from the brain towards the body. When the first vertebrae i.e. atlas gets misaligned it results in pressure over the spinal cord just beneath the neck. This pressure affects the transmission of signals from the brainstem resulting in the symptoms of vertigo.


Before initiating with the treatment plan, the chiropractors perform a complete evaluation with diagnostic test i.e. X-ray for identifying the main cause of vertigo. If the spinal misalignment is detected as the main cause of vertigo, then the chiropractors begin with the treatment.

The upper cervical adjustment, NUCCA adjustment, or Blair technique aids in detecting the misalignment of the atlas along with its correction. When the atlas is appropriately adjusted, it relaxes the spinal cord leading to less pressure. The brainstem is then able to transmit messages without any distortion relieving vertigo.

Another technique performed by the chiropractors include the Epley’s maneuver in which misplaced otoconia is repositioned. Other than that, specific exercises are performed for targeting the inner ear or vestibulocochlear system.

The chiropractors also discuss the diet and daily routine activities so that alterations can be made for better lifestyle practices.


Get an appointment and get yourself treated by the five star reviewed chiropractors at Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton for vertigo treatment. Consult a physician or chiropractic if your child is suffering from symptoms linked with vertigo such as sweating, ringing sound, spinning, nausea, hearing loss or tinnitus because these symptoms should always be addressed without any delay.