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If you constantly feel dizzy but you don’t know why, you may be affected by a condition called vertigo. Vertigo can disrupt your life with dizzy spells that come on without warning. If you’re looking for relief, talk to Elan Schrier, DC, from Schrier Family Chiropractic & Regenerative Medicine in Delray Beach, Florida, to see treatments that are available to treat your vertigo.

Vertigo Q & A

What is vertigo?

Vertigo is the frequent loss of balance commonly experienced by patients with inner ear problems. Symptoms of vertigo include:

  • The feeling of spinning, tilting, or swaying
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Ringing in the ears

Depending on what’s causing your vertigo, the symptoms can last for as short as a few minutes up to a few hours. Because those who have vertigo are more likely to fall, it can be severe.  

What causes vertigo?

Usually, vertigo occurs because of an inner ear problem. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) happens because calcium particles build up inside of the inner ear. Because this affects the signals your inner ear sends to your brain, and these signals help to control body movement, BPPV can make you feel like you’re constantly off balance. You’ll usually feel vertigo with BPPV when you lie down or when you sit up in bed.

Meniere's disease is a disorder that causes fluid build up in the inner ear, which creates a change in pressure. This can cause vertigo.

Labyrinthitis is a disorder that causes inflammation in the inner ear that’s caused by infection. The inflammation causes nerves in the inner ear to activate that are essential for balance.

Many other everyday things can cause vertigo, including:

  • Head or neck injury
  • Stroke or tumors
  • Medications
  • Migraine headaches

How can chiropractic care treat vertigo?

Your course of treatment depends on the cause of your vertigo. Some types can be solved by gentle NUCCA adjustments of the upper neck, as the upper neck is sending the wrong signals about the body’s position to the brain.

NUCCA adjustments involve no twisting, crack or popping. Additionally, realigning your musculoskeletal system comes with a broad range of benefits. These include reduced stress and more relaxed muscles.

The NUCCA procedure works especially well if you've tried the Epley Maneuver and the dizziness or vertigo still persists.

If you want relief from your vertigo, contact Schrier Family Chiropractic & Regenerative Medicine today. 

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Patient Testimonial

Linda Austin

After 10 years of suffering with vertigo, numerous doctors and tests only to be told there's really nothing more we can do for you...well thanks to Dr. Elan Schrier there definitely is something we can do! I have been a patient at Schrier Family Chiropractic & Massage for approximately 4-5 months and for the first time in a long time I can function like a normal person, people notice the difference in me and I'm happier. 


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