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A locked jaw or sudden pain in the mouth can make even the most everyday tasks, such as speaking or eating, a huge ordeal. These conditions are called temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and they affect between 5-12% of the population.

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What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ, are complications which occur when the jaw joints surrounding the mouth are overworked. Because these joints are used so often for chewing, swallowing, and yawning, TMJ has become quite common.

Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw
  • Jaw locking

Some patients can experience pain or ringing in the ear which often develops alongside TMJ. For some patients, the symptoms of TMJ can be excruciating and can last for a long time.

What causes TMJ?

Typically, TMJ is triggered by muscle tension from stress. If you’re in a high-pressure career or recently have gone through some persistent stress, you might be in the habit of grinding your teeth. Because habits such as clenching or grinding can begin to tire the jaw muscles, they can begin to spasm, which can lead to:

  • Tissue damage
  • Pain
  • Sore Muscles

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However, stress is not the only possible cause of TMJ.
It can also occur when:

  • There is an injury to the joint
  • The joint is improperly shaped
  • You have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • The articular disc shifts out of place

If you experience any of those, you might develop TMJ. Because chiropractic care reduces stress, it effectively treats TMJ. The specialized NUCCA adjustments also take pressure off the head, neck, and jaw. That, too, helps correct TMJ.

How is TMJ treated?

Dr. Schrier starts his examination by collecting your medical history, doing a physical evaluation, and consulting with you about the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Because the cause of most TMJ is pressure buildup, he may perform a series of NUCCA adjustments to take pressure off the head, neck, and jaw. That allows them to work in painless harmony.

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NUCCA adjustments can also reduce stress, reduce the tension caused by TMJ, and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Dr. Schrier may also suggest you use an ice pack on your jaw for at least 15 minutes a few times a day to help with the pain.

Do you want to experience relief from TMJ and the stress that’s causing it? Book an appointment online with Dr. Schrier today: His chiropractic expertise is exactly what you need to begin to experience relief.

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