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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a non-surgical solution for pain caused by various injuries and degenerative conditions. The regenerative treatments we use are human cellular tissue therapy and PRP therapy. These treatments work with your body’s own natural healing process to resolve problems causing you pain.

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Human Cellular Tissue

Regenerative Medicine Boca Raton, FLTreatments containing human cellular tissue products can help heal and restore damaged tissue at the source. The key to realizing long-term pain relief is to address and resolve the underlying cause of your pain. For example, when you have a sore knee or a hip that limits your movement and range of motion, that pain is just a byproduct of the issue going on below the surface. Covering up the pain with medication may allow you to move around a little more freely, but it doesn’t address the cause, and the pain will return once the medication wears off. This is what is known as relief care and not corrective care.

Human cellular tissue treatments are also a safe alternative to risky surgeries that are highly invasive and have the potential for infection and other issues. For these treatments, we source tissue from accredited tissue bags and then create injections that contain powerful healing compounds to assist your body’s own natural healing process.

Some of the compounds in our cellular tissue treatments include:

  • Growth factors
  • Cytokines
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Exosomes
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen
  • Amino acids
  • And more

Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP Injections Boynton Beach, FLPlatelet-rich plasma is another regenerative treatment we offer that helps heal and restore damaged tissue at the source. Like human cellular tissue treatment, PRP therapy helps address the underlying cause of your pain for long-lasting pain relief. After we draw a small sample of your own blood, we place it in a centrifuge where it spins to separate the red blood cells and the blood platelets. The platelet-rich plasma that results from this action is injected into your damaged or degraded tissue to help resolve the cause of your pain.

Both of our regenerative treatments are minimally invasive and consist of basic injections. This helps reduce the potential for infection and other associated issues with more invasive surgical procedures. The treatments also require little downtime, if any, so you can get back to your normal daily routine as soon as your appointment is over. And the nature of the treatments makes the likelihood of rejection virtually nonexistent.

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